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Well i figure i might share one of my experiences from when i was a kid. I grew up in the caribbean(Trinidad & Tobago) and we have no shortage of creepy stories.
I was 9 years old and one night i was having a sleep over in my house with some of my friends from school. I remember it so vividly waking up at around 3:30am and from where i was sleeping in the living room i could see directly into my lil brother’s room. So i look into his room and i see what looked like a lady kneeling beside my little brother’s bed, at that moment i just thought it was my mom checking on my little brother so i ignored it and went back to sleep. In the morning i awoke to my mom freaking out so i ran into the room to see my lil brothers sheets soaked in blood but he had no cuts. All we saw was a black and blue mark on his arm on the same side that i saw the lady was kneeling beside.